1977 Julie Kendall (photographer: Brent Hough)

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So is the Sea EP Cover (photographer: Stanley Kendall)



Nineteen Seventy-Seven LP Cover (Cover Art by Dean Torrence and Julie Kendall)



1977 Julie Kendall (photographer: Sarah Harris)






"What an infectious little concoction this is... this
beguiling slice of gently psychedelic sweetness
... it’s a doozie." - So is the Sea EP song review “Alright”

Ben Rayner (The Toronto Star)

“Kendall's output is miles away from punk, but it
does come through like a blast from the past. Her
sunshiny Beach Boys pop is cuter than any
school's head cheerleader. With 1977, the music
comes in churning waves (which, these days, are
sounding more psychedelic than they have in the
past). The songs from their upcoming sophomore
record tended to be more memorable than the
older material. It's a good bet the next album will
top her Juno-nominated debut LP.” - CMW 2011

Scott Bryson (CHARTattack)

"Contrary to her moniker, Toronto musician Julie
Kendall (ex-Bellevue) is not heralding a punk
rock revolution - unless you can make one with a
Casio keyboard. 1977 trades in bittersweet love
songs set to poppy, dreamy melodies. Perhaps
Kendall’s emotional honesty is her version of the
middle finger." Nineteen Seventy-Seven LP review

Chandler Levack (Eye Weekly)



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